• What if a pianist could play you a song and while you listen to it you could create a short story or a poem?

  • And, what if, based on your text you could create a melody?

  • And, what if you could learn how to write the score of your music?

  • What would you need? Just subscribe to the …

… master class composing molding music: Method Farlley Derze.

The concept

 Usually for people the chance of creating their own music is rare, specially score. Though it wouldn’t be that hard if you could understand easily some of those symbols.

 Many paths intersect when we are listening to music, which are commum to us all: emotion, imagination, rational thought, creativity and memory.

 The professor Farlley Derze proposes a way to understand the art of composing with a graphic representation of: sound, melody, rhythm and harmony based on those paths.

 The idea of composing a “conto sonoro” invite us to expand our horizons towards a true sensorial experience which then converts to music.

The method is both, technically useful and intelectually touching, when it is represented graphically the pitch, the dynamics, the timbre and the tempo of the sounds.

It’s an opportunity to discover our inner music.


  • Music and emotion: Listen to music.
  • Music and imagination: Write your tale or poem.
  • Music and thought: Understanding the score symbols.
  • Music and creativity: Create music for your tale on a score.
  • Music and memory: Listen to your music on the piano.

Great momento: The professor plays all compositions

Participants: Minimum five, maximum of fifteen. Youth 15-70 years.

Schedule: Saturday morning and afternoon: 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm. Another schedule can be arranged.

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